Nude remix

At the beginning of April, Radiohead released five audio stems (Vocals, FX/Strings/Etc., Guitars, Bass, and Drums) from their song “Nude” for purchase on iTunes. All who were interested could buy and download the tracks to participate in a remix competition without reward. Since “Nude” is probably my favorite song on In Rainbows, I decided to take a stab at it. I did things I’ve never done before. I channeled Pete Rock and J-Dilla. I added no instrumentation of my own besides two drum machine sounds. It’s easily the most minimal and the most conventional rap song in the BR ouvre. And the conclusion? Unfortunately, it’s one of the best rap tracks I’ve made. And I’m pretty sure Warner/Chappell Music Ltd owns it. Here it is for your enjoyment…

Boo Radley / Radiohead – Nude (Rap Remix)

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